Are You a Member of Our Loyalty Programs?

Are you a fan of our shop?  When you're in Waupaca, do you visit our shop often?  We have some great loyalty programs to help you keep in touch with shop events, save even more money in-store, or earn points when you buy in our online shop to save money on future online purchases, or earn free shipping on your order!  Here's what we offer:
If you visit the shop often or are a fan of the shop and wish to know what's new, then our customer Database is your place to join to receive these great perks:
~10% off in-store member discount
~Emailed monthly NSKS newsletter
~Emailed Monthly in-store coupon
~Be the first to know with emailed shop updates and events before we post them to our media sites.
~In-store Loyalty program: spend $15 or more per purchase and receive a star. Collect 10 stars and receive a email voucher for 50% off your next purchase!
It's FREE to join!  Interested? Sign up now!
What if you can't make it to Waupaca to visit our shop?  Not a Problem!  If you live to far away or out of Wisconsin, you can join our NSKS rewards program. Build especially for our online shop, you can earn points for purchases, social sharing, and other activities to redeem for discounts in the online shop!  Sign up is easy, simply click on the NSKS rewards program tab or the person icon in the upper corner of the website and create a shop account.  You'll earn 100 points of the bat just for creating one!  After that, just sign in to your account and then click on the rewards program tab.  If you already have a shop account, simply click on rewards program tab when your logged in. Interested or already have a account? Create a account or sign in now!
We hope you consider joining our programs and maximize the benefits our shop has to offer.  Until next blog!

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