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Stroller rental coming soon as a shop service!

Hey everyone,
Thanks to a poll we did on our Facebook page, you've helped us to decide to give our stroller rental idea a shot!  We've ordered two strollers to start, and if this really works we'll purchase another stroller or two.  The strollers have been ordered and the are scheduled to arrive sometime June 14th, which means we plan on starting the rental service June 15th. We've broken the rental pricing down into three tiers aimed to help people that may need a stroller when shopping downtown, may need a stroller for the weekend, or maybe on vacation for a week and need a stroller.  Weekend and week rentals rates are based off our shop seasonal hours.  Here's the pricing:
Downtown Shopping Rental: $5 per hour for using the stroller when shopping downtown.  Strollers must be returned before the last hour of the business day or be assessed a $10 late fee.
Weekend Rental: $20 during summer hours (Saturday & Sunday) or $25 during winter hours (Saturday thru Monday).  Rent a stroller for weekend use .  Rental a little bit more during the winter hours due to the shop being closed on Monday.  Strollers must be returned by 11am Monday during summer hours or 11am Tuesday during winter hours or be assessed a $10 late fee.
Week Rental: $40 during summer hours (Monday thru Friday) or $30 during winter hours (Tuesday thru Friday).  Rent a stroller for the week if you need it.  Winter price is less due to the shop is closed on Monday.  Strollers must be returned by 10am Saturday or be assessed a $20 late fee.
**All stroller rentals will require a signature contract outlining terms & conditions of renting the strollers.**
We hope that this will be a success and please feel free to spread the word about our new additional service to the shop.  Thank you to those that have responded to the Facebook poll.  It really helped us with our decision.  Until next Blog!

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