Upcoming Promotions in May...

It's never too early to look ahead to the next month, right?  Well here is what we're doing in-store in May...
Discount Balance Bonus Month:
For the first time since we've taken over the shop, we are experiencing a shortage of spring/summer apparel, so we're calling on our loyal customers and new customers coming in to help.  If it's time to clean our your child's closets and upgrade the spring/summer clothing, bring them to us.  If 75% of what you bring in is on our list of currently accepting, you'll receive DOUBLE the balance quote!  What a great way to build of your balance faster and ensure you'll be able to use your discount all summer long!  We will update the list through out the month on the Facebook event page, and the NSKS Blog...
10% Mondays:
One of our favorite and popular sales are back as we return to summer hours May 1st!   10% off store-wide every Monday during summer hours!  If your a store discount user, you'll only be able to use the 50% off option.
Spin to win Fridays:
It's back by popular demand! Fridays in May, Spin our wheel when you checkout to win a chance of:
~Extra Percentage off your purchase!
~$5 off your purchase!
~$10 shop gift certificate!
**PLEASE NOTE: the gift certificate can't be used the same day you win. If you use your store discount you will get the 30% off tier. If you win the $5 off purchase & your purchase is under $5, you will automatically receive 10% off.**
We hope to see you in May for these great specials and promotions.  Until next blog!

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