We're looking for your opinion on a possible new service for the shop...

Once and a while we ask for your opinion.  Here's what we're seeking your opinion about: we're looking at the possibility of doing customizing tees at the shop.  We feel this is a great idea and makes perfect sense because we are a children's clothing shop and people love personalized shirts.  We can also make tees to sell at the shop like the ones from our Kids Life Collection.  If we offer this service, would you buy a tee or two from us?  We're sure you have questions, so here's a few Q&A:

How much would you charge for a t-shirt that the shop designs & make? 
Our goal is to try to Sell the ones we design and make for $10-$15.  If we are able to do outerwear like sweatshirts,  jackets, & hoodies, $15-$20. 
Can I bring my own design to use on a t-shirt & what's the cost?
Absolutely!  We plan on using a heat press machine to make our custom t-shirts.  Special heat transfer paper will allow us to print designs and then transfer it to the shirt!  We plan on having two different cost options for this:
If you provide the T-shirt & design: $5
If the shop provides the t-shirt, but you provide the design: $10
What Designs would be acceptable for the shop to customize a t-shirt?
We will be willing to customize just about any design.  We can do photo designs, clip art designs, even simple word phrases designs.  We only ask a few rules: 
1.) The designs you want customized is not offensive or discriminatory in anyway (we ARE a children's store after all).  
2.):  If you wish to have a tee customized with images that need express written consent, provide a letter saying it's OK to do so (both you & the shop could get into major trouble for copy write infringements).
3.):  We reserve the right to not print your design if it falls with any of the guideline rules we lay out, or if we feel it will cause you or the shop any problems (we don't want to see either you or the shop get sued!)
When do you plan on offering this service?
If we generate enough positive feedback, our goal is to buy the equipment, and have it ready in time for our Easter Bunny Day on April 15th.  If that date is not possible, our secondary goal date is around Memorial day weekend at the beginning of the tourist season...
Why are we seeking your opinions?
We value your input as a loyal customer and friend to the shop, and just like most shops, we want to put items and services that will bring you back time and time again.  From the owner's standpoint, just to get the equipment & materials and not counting clothing alone is going to cost almost $500-$600.  This is 100% coming out of the owners own pockets and we want to make sure this is something we really wish to see success and be profitable for the shop.  Trust us, if you were in our shoes, you'd most likely do exactly the same thing...
That was a lot of reading, but we appreciate the fact you took the time to read and get all the facts.  We really want to know what you think.  please leave a message below or go to our contact us tab and feel free to reach and any of the options there.  Thank you!
~NSKS Owners & Staff

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