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About Us


On February 4th, 2014, Jason, Alysia, and Taylyn Claussen opened the Next Stop Kids Shop with one mission: to help parents find affordable items for their kids.  Kids grow up fast and with that they outgrow items even faster.

 In 2015, Greg, Amanda, and Emmet (born later that year) took over ownership of the shop and continued the mission they started.  Amanda has been with the store from day one, making the transition of ownership seamless.  We hope our customers believe in us as much Jason, Alysia, and Taylyn do and together, we can continue what they started and make this shop thrive!

 We thank you and hope to see you in our store soon...

 ~Amanda, Greg, & Emmet Lasky

**This Section is dedicated in loving memory of Emmet's twin brother Scott, The other "V.P. of Cuteness", who passed away the day Emmet was born.  We miss him dearly and honor his memory by working hard to make this shop a success.**