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Fundraising Program

To our customers, friends, & communities:
We have been helping our community and causes since our family took over the shop in 2015.  Our efforts to help fundraising & causes started when we were about to celebrate the arrival of our twin boys Emmet & Scott that year.  A emergency situation happened in July of 2015, and  a twin to twin transfusion claimed the life of Scott but we manage to save Emmet.  It was a bittersweet event for us.  We were forced to put our lives on hold for three months as we trekked back and fourth from Waupaca to Milwaukee every week.  When our community herd what happened, support came from people who visited the shop on the three days a week we ran it, local businesses that offered donation jars to help cover with normal and shop expenses, and even former classmates shared the family's Gofundme page so we can keep up with transportation costs.  We will always be indebted to our community for all the support they showed in our time of need...
Why did we share this story?  Because that single event laid the groundwork for a fundraising program we wanted to offer to help community causes and fundraising for charities. We proudly implemented this program in 2017....
(our flier for our annual RMHC fundraiser)
Fundraiser weeks: one of the things we do is fundraiser weeks.   For one week, we shutdown our store discount program (we'll still honor coupons) and 10% of sales for that week goes towards what we're fundraising.  
We annually do a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Wisconsin every year around the week the twins were born.  They we're instrumental for us as we stayed there while we were by Emmet's side in the NICU. This is our way of giving back to this charity every year.  We also have done yearly fundraising for the Dylan John Thorne Memorial Fund.  The Thorne family lost their son to a drunk driver in 2012.  They started the memorial fund to raise funds for locker rooms at the high school football field where he graduated that same year.  They also raise awareness for drunk driving fatalities and the effect they leave behind for all involved.  We're always happy to do fundraising weeks for charities or causes. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we'll work out the details..
(new special fundraising vouchers)
Fundraising Vouchers:  New to our program is special fundraiser vouchers.  These full page vouchers come in $5, $10, or $20 dollar amounts.  These are special for 2 reasons:
1).  These were designed for our fundraising program.
2). These can also be purchased individually to give to a friend, family member, or a stranger in desperate need of clothing their child or children.  
These vouchers can be used either in-store or in our online shop. Every voucher has a printed personal thank you message from us that reads:
"We wish to thank the charity or organization, family and/or friends, or even a stranger that has purchased this special voucher for you to use. It’s a personal mission of ours to make sure that children get clothing regardless of income, and receiving this voucher helps us continue and perhaps get one step closer in fulfilling that mission…"
How these vouchers work If you are a non-profit organization or a group helping a cause: 50% of the vouchers profits purchased along with the vouchers will be presented to your organization after the fundraiser ends to distribute these vouchers to the public who visits your organization.
We want this program will really take flight and continue to help communities, charities, and causes.  We hope that after reading this, we may be a good fit to help your organization or cause.  Please feel free to call our shop during normal business hours (715) 942-2668 or email us staff@nextstopkidsshop.com to see if we can help.  
~Amanda, Greg, & Emmet Lasky
Next Stop Kids Shop Owners & Staff