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Store Discount Program

How do we get our inventory and keep the prices affordable so parents of all incomes can afford to cloth their child or children?  Because we offer trade-in through a discount program at our shop in Waupaca, we always have new things coming into the store.  We are able offer kids clothing from preemie/newborn to kids size 16.  Even if you are looking for something in particular we can help find that as well.  We also offer additional items that may be in a separate category, but useful to mom and dad's...

How does our program work? 

~Step one: Bring in your children's clothing.

 ~Step two: You will receive a dollar quote.  You can build up your balance over time.  

 ~Step three: Shop away!  We will give you a discount on the total purchase price when you shop with us.  The discount amount is then deducted from your balance amount.

 ~Step four: Repeat!  Continue to trade in your children's clothing to build up your balance and continue to get a discount every time you use it!

 The discounts for this program are as follows:

 ~50% off the total purchase price on sale items.

 ~30% off the total purchase price on mixture of sale & non-sale items.

 ~Promotions, Discounts, Sales, coupons, and Yelp deals CAN be used to help you save even more money!

 ~You CAN NOT redeem a loyalty card if you use your store discount.

~Love Your Melon merchandise & portable busy boards are exempted from the program.


Please feel free to email or call the shop at (715) 942-2668 during shop hours to find out what we are accepting, clothing you wish to trade-in is something we need, or have additional questions about our program.