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$5 Fundraising Voucher - Next Stop Kids Shop

$5 Fundraising Voucher

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This voucher is specially designed for fundraising, but also designed to give to a friend/family member, or even a stranger that is in need so they can put clothes on their child/children.  This voucher can be used either in-store or in our online shop.  Every voucher has a printed personal thank you message from us that reads:
"We wish to thank the charity or organization, family and/or friends, or even a stranger that has purchased this special voucher for you to use.  It’s a personal mission of ours to make sure that children get clothing regardless of income, and receiving this voucher helps us continue and perhaps get one step closer in fulfilling that mission…"
If you are a non-profit organization or a group helping a cause that is looking to use our vouchers for fundraising, 50% of the vouchers profits purchased along with the vouchers will be presented to your organization.  Please contact us for questions and/or more details on how this works.  Shipping will always be free for this voucher, so if you wish to contribute to our personal mission, please consider purchasing this special voucher.