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Kids Shop V. I. P. Online Shop Club Subscription Membership

Kids Shop V. I. P. Online Shop Club  Subscription Membership

The Kids Shop V. I. P. Club is our online shop version Subscription service with big time online shop saving benefits.
For only $10 per month this service will include:


 ~Automatic enrollment in the NSKS Rewards Program: Earn points faster for savings and discounts for online shop purchases and 70 NSKS Reward points added EACH month for being a member of this service!

~Automatic enrollment in our Kids Shop Club: Be in the know about what we're doing in-store and in our online shop.  You'll get a monthly newsletter, updates on what we're doing and what we're cooking up next, and 50 NSKS Rewards points added EACH month so you can earn discounts and savings faster! 

 ~20% off V.I.P. Club Discount: You'll receive a personalized code to get 20% off online shop purchases when you use it at checkout!

 ~FREE shipping when you spend $10 or more in the online shop: You'll get a special code to use at checkout as many times as you want as long as you remain a member.  You don't have to spend $50 to get the free shipping option anymore!

~Access to our NSKS Club group page:  You’ll get an invite to our Facebook group to connect with other subscribers and shop fans to talk about parenting tips, shop events, topic forums, shop suggestions, and much more...

~Personal email from us each month: we appreciate the fact that you're in this paid service, so in this email you get once a month will include your NSKS reward points reward balance, and what we're doing for the next month even before we share it with our customer database members and social media sites!

~Evolving program: We are always looking/working to add more benefits in the future so you get the most out of this subscription service!

All you need is:

~Valid Email address to receive the coupons & mail

~Debit or credit card for recurring monthly payments

~Accept enrollment in the NSKS Reward Program  

Things to know: 

Online shop Membership Purchase: Please make sure that all emails from us is marked safe & not in your spam/junk folder.  “Next Stop Kids Shop” or “NSKS” will show up on your card statement each month.   You will be added to our customer database to receive the monthly newsletter emailed from our P. O. S. system Square.   Once you have created an account when you join, you can go to your account and modify, update card information, or cancel your membership at anytime.  If your card is declined, the payment will retry again after 3, 5, and 7 days after each failed attempt.  After the final attempt, your subscription will be canceled.  A email will be sent to you after each attempt. If you have any questions please contact or email us.   Personal emails will come from our email address staff@nextstopkidsshop.com  This is the online shop version of our subscription service.  We highly recommend to purchase this service only if live out of state or with in a reasonable distance from our shop in Waupaca, Wisconsin.